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November 16th-18th

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And right about now, as you helplessly watch your loved ones suffer, you would give ANYTHING to have the chance to turn back time and develop the fortitude, the skills and the strategies to protect them from ANY threat.

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Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, rogue governments, economic collapse, martial law, home matter what the emergency is (natural or man-made, long- term or short) they can all strike with deadly force without warning.

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Our hand-picked team of 24 world-class prepping & survival experts will reveal how you can avoid common prepping mistakes, take your preparedness to the next level and create a survival plan that WORKS for you and your family.


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Surviving An Economic Collapse

Fernando Ferfal Aguirre

Bestselling author and survivor of the 2001 Argentinian Economic Collapse


  • The reality of how the Argentinian Economic Collapse unfolded
  • Biggest misconceptions of surviving an economic collapse
  • The most common threats that exist during an economic collapse
  • How to prepare for an economic collapse in your own area

Surviving An Urban Conflict


Survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution


  • Creating your own security plan for sheltering in place during a conflict
  • Gathering and using information to your advantage
  • Best strategies to stay safe in an urban conflict & martial law
  • Top skills to develop top prepare for an urban conflict

Emergency Communications

Jim Cobb

Bestselling Author and Preparedness Consultant with Over 30 Years of Experience


  • The most effective emergency communication tactic and methods
  • Developing an emergency communication plan that is simple yet secure
  • How to gather information of your area using communication tools
  • Best communication options to bug in and to shelter in place

Awareness & Decision Making In Critical Situations

Craig Caudill

Founder of Nature Reliance School & author of Extreme Wilderness Survival. He teaches survival skills to the public, law-enforcement & government agencies.


  • Indicators to detect a threat before it happens
  • Dealing with the physiological response during high stress scenarios
  • Developing highly effective situational awareness
  • Developing mental fortitude to make critical decisions

Key Note Session - Kidnapping Survival

Jason Hanson

Former CIA Officer, Security and Counter Terrorism Specialist


  • Exactly what to do right after you are kidnapped
  • Ramming roadblocks and using your vehicle to defend yourself
  • Getting out of most common restraints
  • Specific EDC to assist you if you're kidnapped

Key Note Session - Dealing With Thyroid Issues in a Collapse

Dr. Ralph La Guardia

M.D., Triple Specialty, Author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine


  • How to address thyroid conditions during a collapse
  • Specific remedies to increase your defenses against thyroid related issues
  • Identifying the symptoms of thyroid and how to address them

Emergency Trauma Care

Bill Harris

21 Year Navy Veteran who served as a combat medic with the US Marines and Naval Special Warfare. Founder of First CARE Provider


  • Understanding how to prioritize injury care based on level of threat
  • Bleeding control techniques when you don't have tools
  • How to prioritizing what victims to attend to in the event multiple casualties
  • Most common injuries you'll encounter and how to address them

Survival Groups

Forrest Garvin

Former US Air Force NCO who served with the 317 MAC and JSOC SOLLII.NRA Instructor, Educator and Radio/Podcast Host.


  • Best strategies to reach out to potential group members
  • Skills to look for in members of your survival group.
  • Understanding who we need to let in and keep out of our group
  • Developing and implementing plans and working together

Ghost Prepping: Staying Off the Radar in A Collapse

Jeff Anderson

Editor of Modern Combat & Survival Magazine and Best-Selling Author


  • Staying off the radar during times of crisis, collapse & martial law
  • Implementing the Gray Man doctrine
  • Protecting your home and family against looters and mobs
  • Defeating gun-confiscation

Key Note Session - Survival Gardening 101

David The Good

Over three decades of gardening experience that include constant crop experimentation and analysis for better yields. 


  • Best tools and supplies for an effective garden
  • Developing foraging skills to maximize nutrition
  • Proven strategies for a virtually unlimited food source
  • Tricks of the trade to dramatically shorten your food production process

Active Self Protection

John Correia

Evidence Based Defense Instructor and Founder of Active Self Protection


  • Understanding transitional spaces
  • The 5 D's of defending against an attack
  • Surviving the initial ambush and executing a counter ambush
  • Implementing a "Attitude, Skills & Plan" strategy to defend yourself

Grid Down Survival

Richard Duarte

Urban Disaster Consultant, Attorney and Author


  • How to identify vulnerabilities and creating a realistic grid down plan.
  • Top areas to focus on in preparation for when the grid goes down
  • Addressing your Core Survival Elements
  • Sheltering in place vs Bugging out

Survival Firearms

Tim Ralston

Survival Gear Inventor, Lifelong Entrepreneur & Preaparedness Specialist featured in National Geographic


  • Recommended firearms for self defense, hunting and combat
  • The main considerations to have in mind when choosing a firearm
  • Biggest mistakes when choosing and having a firearm
  • Becoming proficient with your firearm

Alternative Remedies for Infections & Common Illnesses

Claudia Orgill

Founder of Healthy Preparedness and is the author of Beyond Wheat and Weeds


  • Alternative remedies to treat common day to day illnesses
  • Specific herbs and ingredients to store to have your own herbal medicine cabinet
  • Simple strategies to maximize the nutritional value of your food
  • Most common mistakes and misconceptions about alternative remedies

DIY Solar Power

Todd Buras

Inventor and founder of the alternative energy company M-Pro Unlimited


  • Determining your power needs and creating a solar power system that fits
  • Specific components and configuration of the system
  • Creating a portable system
  • Biggest mistakes when building & installing a solar power system

Cooking With The Sun

Paul Munsen

President of Sun Ovens International who has been involved in solar cooking projects in developing countries on five continents


  • Ways to use sunlight to save money and become better prepared
  • Using the Sun to cook even if there's no power
  • Using a sun oven to dehydrate your food
  • Specific components and configuration of a Sun Oven

Key Note Session - Emergency Water Storage

Glenn Meder

Lifelong Experience in Water Distiller Manufacturing & Inventor of the "Survival Still"


  • Best water storage methods during a disaster
  • Finding hidden water in your home in case of an emergency
  • Most effective water treatment methods
  • Best practices to provide clean water for your family in a disaster

Key Note Session - Home Security in A Collapse

Jeff Kirkham

Former Green Beret who served 28 years, with numerous deployments worldwide in support of the GWOT. Owner of Readyman LLC


  • Differences between home security during a collapse And normal times
  • Using the "fatal funnel" to your advantage
  • Simple strategies to fortify your home against looters and mobs
  • Deterring and early warning systems

Food Storage Myths

Cat Ellis

Experienced Herbalist, Author, and Urban Homesteader


  • Top foods you need to know and the best way to store them
  • Most common mistakes about food storage
  • The best way to preserve your herbs over a long period of time
  • Herbal alternatives to treat common conditions

Hybrid Survival - Myths and Misconceptions

Tyler White

Wilderness survival, tactical preparedness specialist with decades in the desert, the woods and remote areas around the world


  • The real rule of 3's
  • Biggest myths and misconceptions regarding surviving in the wild
  • Specific tactics for resource procurement and production
  • Difference between strategic and tactical approaches

The Most Likely Scenario You’re Probably Not Prepared For"

Jason Matyas

Lifelong gardener, Growing Homesteader & Creator of the Beyond Off Grid Summit


  • What the most likely scenario is and why it's such a big threat
  • How to start preparing now for the most likely scenario
  • Key strategies and tactics to mitigate this threat
  • Why the right response to this threat is the key to building a better future for your family

Mass Shooting Survival

Dave Acosta

Former police officer and SWAT point man who now specializes in international protective services


  • Warning signs of mass shootings
  • Lone wolf type vs. those affiliated with terrorist organizations
  • Surviving the initial ambush, lock downs, countering and escape
  • What to tell your kids and family to prepare in case of a mass shooting

Lessons From a Real Life Home Invasion

Jason Ross

Experienced survival specialist trained under the world’s most accomplished special forces veterans


  • First hand account of a home invasion
  • Dealing with a present threat in front of your family
  • What to consider in the event of a fire fight
  • Strategic location of barriers and weapons

Key Note Session - Dealing With Infections After a Collapse

Dr. Ralph La Guardia

M.D., Triple Specialty, Author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine


  • How to address life threatening infections in a collapse
  • How to make hydration fluids to prevent dehydration due to illness
  • Essentials tools for your post-collapse survival medicine cabinet
  • Identifying the signs of an infection and how to address them


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