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Dear friend,

If you are ready to protect your loved ones from nearly ANY threat, this is going to be one of the most important messages you’ll ever read....

Here's the cold hard truth... disasters, natural or man-made, can all strike with deadly force without warning.  

In factthere is a 9 out of 10 chance you live somewhere that puts you at significant risk of being a victim of these or other natural or man-made disasters! (Source: Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute at the University of South Carolina)

But yet too many Americans are still critically unprepared to survive these disasters.

Even after the increasing tensions and the threat of conflict, social unrest and chaos, most people still have a false sense of security about their survival.



To make matters worse, MANY of those who do recognize the threats and THINK they are prepared for a calamity may still find themselves victims of misinformation and downright deception by some self-proclaimed internet and TV survival “expert” who claims to have all the answers about prepping and survival.

The reality is that bad information can be just as deadly as no information.  So... CHECK YOUR SOURCES and BEWARE of who you learn from.

I’m willing to bet you have seen these so called, self-proclaimed “experts” yourself and may have even believed them, and relied on their advice. If so…

You Are Not Alone!

I’ve seen countless times, how misinformation and lack of preparation can have deadly consequences. That is why I’ll ALWAYS tell you straight up (I’ve said this a million times)... I’m NOT an expert and I don’t play one on TV like some do…ahem.  “Bear” with me, and I apologize for the rant, but there seems to be a new “End All Be All” self-proclaimed, “Prepping and Survival Internet and TV Expert” every week. I mean seriously… some of these guys seem like they're straight off a “Walking Dead” episode.

I may not be an expert but I've been in this field long enough and put enough things to the test, to know when someone's trying to pass BS for real proven advice....I have a pretty good nose for BS.

The problem is that THAT type of fictional "advice" has been inundating the prepping and survival community for some time. But not to rant for too long.... the bottom line is that I decided to do my part and cut the crap once and for all.

So, I recruited some exceptional talent with one purpose only... change the game!
And to set the bar higher than its EVER been!

My team and I tapped into our connections and pulled favors to put together a second-to-none lineup of leading real world prepping and survival experts together in one place.

You've Never Seen Anything Like this!

I'm DEAD serious, but don't take my word for it.

If you're a skeptic like me, I challenge you to look at the line up below and then go find a better group of survival and prepping experts and resources in one place.

These people aren't your overnight self-proclaimed "experts".  These folks have decades and decades of real world experience.

For example, we have former Green Beret and Special Forces Operator Jeff Kirkham, who has operated on multiple special forces teams around the world and has a wealth of first-hand experience in life-or-death situations.

Or NASA Engineer Dr. Arthur T. Bradley, who is one fo the leading voices and experts on Electro Magnetic Pulse and its effects.

Or bestselling author and survival leading expert Jeff Anderson whose decades of experience has helped him publish several books on prepping and survival that consistently top bestselling lists.

These are but a few of the many experts who have made it their life’s purpose to share their stories as well as what they’ve learned from their years of experience.

You will learn from then in one hour what would have otherwise taken decades to learn. Because they understand what you’re going through.


With this critical information at your fingertips, you’ll get all the real "juicy" details with no fluff including:

  • How to Survive in An Urban Emergency
  • Surviving a Grid-Down Scenario
  • How to Treat Common Injuries During a  Crisis
  • How to Build a Reliable Survival Community
  • Defending Your Home and Family in a Collapse
  • Growing Your Own Food in an Urban Environment
  • Navigating a Hostile urban Area
  • and much more...

Now, my guess is that most people don't have the time, energy and resources to tackle and learn all of this on their own, and even if they did it would take decades to get the amount of firsthand experience these experts have.

So, I have to ask…


Introducing The Prepper World Summit 5 Digital Access Pass!

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The Doomsday Medicine Collection

11 Action packed sessions all about survival medicine 

See what's included (full details) Sells for $97

Natural Treatment of Infections Without the Use of Antibiotics

The human body is an incredible organism, able to withstand the daily onslaught of countless harmful microbes including bacteria, fungal infections and viruses of all types.

The standard approach is to prescribe antibiotics (many times even for infections that are clearly viral, where antibiotics have no role and are completely ineffective) despite the growing problem of antibiotic resistance worldwide rendering antibiotics useless, which is rapidly becoming a crisis.

This report will set you on the path to naturally treating infections

SURVIVE: The Ultimate Prepper's Blueprint

A Complete Master Plan To Prepare Your Family For A Disaster

It Is Simple, Step By Step, Month By Month and Easy to Understand System 

Best Of Dueling Guns Summit

Video Sessions of the Best Of The Dueling Guns Summit Include:
At Home Training - Chris Sajnog (Retired Navy SEALs)
Active Shooter - Aaron Jannetti (Active Shooter Trainer)
Casualty Care in the Pre-Hospital Setting - Fred Kolberg (Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman)
Family Safety - Dustin Ellermann (Winner of marksmen competition Top Shot)
Firearms In Self-Defense- JJ Johnson (former USAF Wilderness Survival Instructor)

EMP Commission Critical National Infrastructures Report

Report from the EMP Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

Covers the nature and magnitude of potential high-altitude EMP threats to the United States from all potentially hostile states or non-state actors that have or could acquire nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles over the next 15 years.

Food Procurement & Preservation Bundle

Includes three content-packed guides:

- Preservation of Foods

- Food Procurement Guide

- US Army Preservation of Foods Reference Guide

Emergency Water Purification

A detailed step-by-step guide to implementing water treatment and purification methods.

The Field Medic's Guide - How To Treat Injuries and Illness In a Disaster

Over 200 pages of lifesaving step-by-step field medicine information with images, tutorials, and evaluation material.

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Regular price $99- Pre-sale price, 
Recordings of the event will be available to download once the event begins

Get instant LIFETIME access to all expert sessions. You’ll be able to view and download them at your leisure. Whenever you want! Learn the information.

Put it to the test. If you do not get results by applying the information presented by our experts, YOU PAY NOTHING.

If you’re not fully satisfied — for any reason — within the first 30 days of your purchase, I promise to personally refund every penny you paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings. Fair enough?


Grid down, Nuclear Vulnerabilities and EMP's

Dr. Arthur T. Bradley

Bestselling author and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Auburn University. He has worked for the University of Tennessee, and currently works at NASA.


  • The reality of how a grid down scenario can unfold
  • Protecting yourself from an EMP and Grid Down scenario
  • The secondary threats that will become deadlier and more far reaching than a grid down event
  • Nuclear vulnerabilities you don't even know exist in your area

No B.S.” Prepper Defense: Battlefield Lessons To Defeat Looters, Beggars, And Martial Law During A Crisis

Jeff Anderson

Editor of Modern Combat & Survival Magazine and Best-Selling Author


  • How to turn your home into an “invisible fortress”... loaded with nasty surprises for anyone stupid enough to attempt an invasion!
  • Better than a “Looters Will Be Shot” sign: A sneaky trick to defeat looters at their own game... without firing a single shot!
  • Protecting your home and family against looters and mobs
  • Defeating gun-confiscation during Marshall Law

Building a Tactical Community

Jeff Kirkham

Former Green Beret who served 28 years, with numerous deployments worldwide in support of the GWOT. Owner of Readyman LLC


  • Black Swan scenarios that can be the catalyst for a collapse
  • Simple tools to train your defense and tactical skills
  • Creating a community that works and fights together
  • The best way to equip your community with the knowledge and skills they need

Survival Gardening in an Urban Setting

David The Good

Over three decades of gardening experience that include constant crop experimentation and analysis for better yields. 


  • Easy and efficient crops for most climates
  • How to address your food and nutrition needs in a large scale crisis
  • Proven strategies for a virtually unlimited food source
  • Tricks of the trade to dramatically shorten your food production process and maximize your yield

Dealing With Orthopedic Injuries

Dr. Ralph La Guardia

M.D., Triple Specialty, Author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine


  • How to address field injuries during a collapse
  • Most common injuries to prepare for and how to mitigate the danger associated with them
  • Simple tools and gear to take care of common field injuries
  • Dealing broken bones, fractures and strains when there is no hospital

Survive the Elements: How Prevent and Treat Environmental Injuries

Bill Harris

21 Year Navy Veteran who served as a combat medic with the US Marines and Naval Special Warfare. Founder of First CARE Provider


  • Understanding how to prioritize injury care based on level of threat
  • Identifying and dealing with conditions caused by exposure
  • How to prevent the most common exposure conditions in a survival situation
  • Simple tools and gear you can carry to deal with most environmental injuries

Collapse Proof Your Food System

James Fry

Lifelong student of permaculture and sustainability. Founder of Grow Everywhere where he teaches to grow your own REAL food with LESS time, money, and effort.


  • What is the biggest vulnerability to our food system, in case of a collapse
  • How to create a hidden food forrest, undetectable to the untrained eye 
  • Food storing strategies to guarantee and year round supply of food
  • Working with your current environment to maximize your food supply even in an urban area

Escaping a Crisis Zone and Evading Hostile Elements

Tyler White

Wilderness survival, tactical preparedness specialist with decades in the desert, the woods and remote areas around the world


  • The right way to evacuate a crisis area 
  • How to navigate a potentially hostile a zone
  • How to avoid detection and remain under the radar
  • Top skills to learn today to escape a crisis and evade hostile elements

Imagine how much it would cost to get advice from all these experts.

  • Even at the minimum standard of $100/hour, we're talking at least $800, and that's without including any additional travel or per Diem fees.
  • Most of these experts offer their own courses for several hundreds of dollars and they are revealing their strategies in this series. Being conservative, that's an estimated value of $2,500.
  • Plus if you add over $500 in bonuses, that's a total value of over $3,000!!
  • But here you can get all of that and more for a fraction of that!

Digital Access Pass
Event Price
Only $47

Event Price Ends Once the Event Ends

Get instant LIFETIME access to all expert sessions. You’ll be able to view and download them at your leisure. Whenever you want! Learn the information.

Put it to the test. If you do not get results by applying the information presented by our experts, YOU PAY NOTHING.

If you’re not fully satisfied — for any reason — within the first 30 days of your purchase, I promise to personally refund every penny you paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings. Fair enough?

Meet The Host

Dennis Diaz

  • Chief Editor of Survival Ready Blog
  • Host of the Prepper World Summit
  • Founder of the American Protection Alliance & The Bugout Network
  • His goal is to provide a platform to those with valuable expertise to share their knowledge with as many people as possible.
  • He promotes the core concept of making preparedness and survival knowledge part of your daily life.